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Occupational Therapy





Bonnie Leonhardt

Bachelor of Science, Occupational Therapy

Hi! I'm Bonnie. It is my goal to provide holistic occupational therapy to promote quality of life & wellbeing. I use a dynamic, innovative best practice approach to therapy, targeted to help you achieve physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

 Address: Albany Body & Mind Health,

                 95 Lockyer Avenue, Albany.  

I also visit neighbouring areas within the Great Southern. 

I am approved to deliver services via the following funding arrangements:

Helping Children with Autism Funding (HCWA)

Betterstart for Children with Disability Early Intervention Funding 

Medicare rebates are available for clients with a GP Team Care Arrangement

Contact me if you would like to know more, or to arrange an appointment.

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Embrace wellbeing at every stage in your life

From both personal and professional experience, I know that physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing are strongly influenced by what we spend time doing during our daily lives. I understand that the activities we do can bring meaning, purpose and joy to our lives. They allow us to achieve our hopes and dreams, and live fulfilled healthy lives. This is especially true when we can achieve a balance between doing what we have to do (like work and taking care of ourselves) and doing what we enjoy (our hobbies and leisure time).


There are also times when the things we do can cause us pain, suffering and illness. There may be an event, accident or illness that changes our ability to live, work and play to our full potential. Sometimes our life challenges are with us from the time we are born and the challenges we face may not only affect us, but the people around us too.


The way we complete activities, where we complete activities, and our personal strengths then become strong indicators of our experience of health & wellbeing or ill health. This is the focus of the services offered. My aim is to work together with people to achieve health & wellbeing at every stage in their life.





Feeling safe and calm, right where you are



There is always hope on the horizon



Regaining control in your life



Playing, learning and growing

Ph: 0497 927 800

PO Box 2004, Albany

Western Australia, 6331